Spray Drying Services

Why do you need PSD's Spray Drying services?


Well first, Spray Drying is a well understood technology that offers a unique solution to some of the formulation challenges facing today's bio/pharma business 

The particle control, that we attained with Spray Drying, opens the way to employ previously unattainable delivery methods and molecular characteristics.  

What are the advantages of Spray Drying?

  • PSD's technology is ideal for particle engineering to:

  • Control of morphology (amorphous or crystalline)

Can adjust powder characteristics:

        particle size




  • Spray drying can help improve the bioavailability and solubility of your APIs. 

Since many of today's therapeutic compounds are only stable in a cystalline form, they often display poor aqueous solubilitiy and low dissolution rates, thus reducing the bioavailability of the API and slowing absorption. The spray drying process can co-precipitate an API with a polymer in a stable amorphous solid dispersion (SDD) resulting in greatly improved dissolution rates. Spray drying has the potential to open doors for new, important treatments that are currently shelved due to low bioavailability.

  • You can microencapsulate with engineered partcle properties

Microencapsulation offers formulators a number of commercial advantages. Spray drying/congealing makes it possible to create unique particles possessing specific controlled release patterns and properties. Sustained release of some antibiotics allows for a reduction in dosage, a reduction of concentration peaks and offers an effective way of treatment for chronic illnesses.  Microencapsulation is also utilized for enhanced taste masking, moisture barries, and product stability thru physical protection. 

  • You can produce stablilized vaccines​
  • You can dry heat sensitive material