Spray Drying Equipment

Buchi B-290


  • 1 liter/hr of H2O evaporation
  • provides proof of concept with small amounts of product    
  • organic solvents are run with the B-295 inert loop
  • provide small quantities of substances in dry powder form 

GEA Niro Mobile Minor 2000s


  • 1 - open cycle unit used for aqueous formulations
  • 1 - closed cycle unit used for organic solvents
  • 1-7 KG/hr of H2O evaporation 
  • perfect scale-up partner for the Buchi B-290
  • used by academia and bio/pharma companies alike
  • go from bench-top research to laboratory production
  • excellent first trial plant with larger feed quantities
  • utilize extended chamber for increased residence time
  • dried powder collection in Niro cyclone, unique high efficiency cyclone and/or cartridge filter
  • variety of nozzle sizes and configurations  


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